Our Team

We have built up a great team you can rely on for quality work, great service, expert advice… and perhaps even a laugh.

Travis Bosse (aka Trav) – owner operator

This is the guy that started it all.

Trav has a serious passion for the electrical trade and loves talking about it with anyone who is willing to listen. He’s spent considerable time of the past years developing his skills in the area of audio and lighting design and gets one hell of a kick delivering that to our clients.

Outside of the work place its all family. Trav has been married to his wife Anna whom hails from Canada and together they are tearing their hair out in the attempt to bring up 2 little girls, Lette 2.5 and Mim 6 months old.

He Loves anytime he can get on the basketball court and is also a big fan of the Sydney Swans.

Keegan McArdle (aka Keg/Keith) – qualified tradesperson

This is the partner in crime.

When Focus Electrical needed to expand it all started with this guy. He started with us in late 2011, completed his full apprenticeship and now qualified he is getting bigger and better with every day. He is probably a little on the quiet side but that’s easy to understand once you’ve met Trav as it’s hard to get a word in.

If you’re ever unsure about which one Keegan is, just check the right side of his body, its covered in tattoos. He loves the gym and South Sydney Rabbitohs

Cody French (aka Conrad/Pierre) – qualified tradesperson

Funnily enough, Anna taught this kid, and lucky for him he mentioned to her that he would love to one day become an electrician. Enter Cody French .

He started his apprenticeship with us in 2013 but had to put in on hold for 12 months after undertaking hip surgery. He returned to us in 2015 and continued on his climb up through the company ranks. Cody although still is an apprentice, he is a hugely important cog in this machine and will go to any lengths to impress.

Give him 10 dollars and he’ll disappear for and hour, but give him a fishing rod and you wont see him for a week.

Matthew Weniger (aka HIGH REVVIN’ KEVIN!) – qualified tradesperson

In college terms, Matty is the freshman.

Starting his apprenticeship with us in 2015, Matty is continually growing his ability to become an outstanding electrician and also growing his huge mop of hair. Here is a kid who loves getting his hands dirty. Matty never shies away from any task be it big or small, hard or easy, and he just arrives at the job site and gets his head down and bum up and delivers.

He supports the west tigers in the NRL and the Western Bulldogs in the AFL (since they just won the Flag anyway) but he wont admit that.